The GUOBA Project

About ‘The GUOBA Project’

This is a project to map out how the artifacts of players perform to improve mathematical models/artifact standards for calculations. The problem with simulating artifacts is that it's hard to verify if results that come from them are correct. Players have different strategies when selecting which domain to farm/which artifact to upgrade/which to trash. In previous iterations we've used this data to map out ER vs EM for a four piece Viridescent Venerer set.


If you want to participate in this project, all you need to do is enter your artifacts into Genshin Optimizer by either manually entering them (not recommended) or via some scanner (read GenshinOptimizer's scanner page for more information) and exporting the database. Make sure that these artifacts are correct; as you'll be required to verify some of them with Enka.Network as well as you won't be able to edit them later. Optionally, you can also enter your Weapons and Characters but they don't need to be properly equipped with artifacts/weapons.

Note: The form is currently closed. Feel free to come back later!
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